Environmental Insurance in Germany - Chubb

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    1.  Industrial Insurance

      Environmental Insurance

      Nowadays companies are not only required to protect the natural environment and maintain biodiversity: they are also liable for the damage they cause. To insure against this risk we offer various environmental insurance plans – independently of public liability insurance, if necessary. In addition, environmental insurance can be added to multinational insurance programmes.

      Insurance Coverages

      • Environmental Plus
      • Environmental liability
      • Premises pollution liability
      • Premises pollution liability Plus

      Insurance Concepts

      • Primaries: standalone or in combination with casualty insurance
      • Excess: for all our types of primaries we also offer tailored excess solutions
      • Multinational insurance programmes
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      Industry Examples

      • Waste management industry, plus recycling, waste incineration and waste disposal sites
      • Public utilities
      • Municipal companies
      • Chemical industry
      • Metals industry
      • Real estate