Energy in Germany - Chubb

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    1. Energy offers insurance concepts developed to meet the special requirements of the chemical and petrochemical industry.

      Insurance Coverages

      • Proportional coverage
      • Excess coverage
      • Combination of proportional/excess
      • Multinational insurance programmes
      • Freedom of service (FOS) coverage
      • Captives and deductibles

      Insurance Concepts

      Property and business interruption insurance for:

      • The oil and gas industry
      • Paper manufacturing (integrated paper mills)
      • Chemical and petrochemical industry, including basic chemicals and speciality chemicals

      Industry Examples

      • Chemical Industry
      • Petrochemical industry
      • Tank farms (oil & gas)
      • Pipelines (oil & gas)
      • Gas storage facilities/caverns
      • Biogas Plants
      • Paper Manufacture (including black liquor recovery boiler)
      • Fertiliser Manufacture
      • Distribution of industrial chemicals/petrochemicals
      Multinational Insurance Programmes

      Due to the support of our own global network, we can offer possibilities and capabilities for the implementation of multinational insurance programmes.