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    1.  Personal Insurance

      Association Accident Insurance

      Greater security in large clubs and associations.

      For clubs and associations to succeed, they need dedicated, happy members. To secure their loyalty to the club, the club must match the benefits offered by it as closely as possible to the needs of its members. An optimal insurance concept forms part of the package.


      Personal accident cover for club and association members, their partners and children, covering them whenever they undertake work for the club and in addition to this, protecting them 24 hours a day worldwide.

      • Survivors' pension in case of accidental death
      • Disability
      • Daily hospital benefit including parent accommodation
      • Various additional benefits generally included such as rehabilitation assistance, search and rescue costs and cosmetic surgery

      Three options

      Personal Accident – Self-Pay Option

      • Members pay the insurance premium

      Group Accident – Club/Association Payment Option

      • Club/association pays the insurance premium
      • Benefit of cheaper individual premium amounts

      Individual Option

      • Possibility for large clubs/associations to design a safety net based on their own individual requirements in terms of coverage and benefits

      The Advantages for You

      • Innovative product concept
      • Decisive stimulus for you to get a headstart on sales
      • Supporting the success of the club/association


      • You merely broker the framework agreement with the club/association, Chubb sorts everything else out directly with the party concerned
      • Claims handled directly between Chubb and the insured persons
      Contact Information

      A&H Affinity

      Phone +49 69 75613-6579
      Fax +49 69 75613-4200


      The purpose of this information is to provide a first overview of the possible insurance cover included in the Association Accident Insurance policy. For the full and legally binding terms and conditions, please refer to your policy documentation.